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Carpet Cleaning In Oxford...But Who Do I Choose?

Are you looking for a carpet cleaner in Oxford who is Trained, Insured and Professional?

One search in Google for Carpet Cleaners in Oxford and you'll be greeted with dozens of choices. So how can you be sure you are getting a real professional? Well, thankfully there is a way. Trusted Local Cleaners is the first online directory specifically to find trusted carpet & upholstery cleaning professionals local to you.

Only after meeting the strict criteria is a Carpet Cleaner considered to become a member of the NCCA and a Trusted Local Cleaner.

The truth is, the carpet cleaning industry is unregulated, so anyone can pick up a cheap, underpowered machine and call themselves a “Carpet Cleaner”. It is these untrained individuals with no training and shoddy equipment, who cause havoc and damage the carpet and upholstery that they promised the customer they could clean.

When you choose a carpet cleaning company that is a member of the NCCA you can ensure you are in safe hands.


Every member of the NCCA has the correct type of insurance that insures the item being worked on. The majority of insurance companies overlook ‘the item being worked on’ part of the insurance needs. The NCCA requires this particular insurance to safeguard the customer and the technician.


It is a requirement that up-to-date training is completed each year. This ensures the technicians carrying out the work are educated, competent and confident in the work they are taking on.


‘Service with Integrity’ - Every member of the NCCA follows a set of standards that deliver service with Integrity. We follow a code of practice that gives the consumer additional security and peace of mind. Click here is see our code of practice.

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