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Professional Carpet Moth Extermination In Oxfordshire

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Your Local Moth Removal Expert

Damage caused by moths is a huge problem across the UK.  Moths enjoy nibbling on the finer things in life – wool carpet, cashmere jumpers, silk, sheepskin and Persian rugs. They are not interested in synthetic fabrics.  


Our process ensures total extermination of moths and eggs leaving you with peace of mind that your carpets and clothes will be safe.

Moth Extermination

The Benefits Of Having Surroundings Treat Your Moth Outbreak:

Extensive Training

Unfortunately supermarket products are hopeless.   We are fully trained from the NCCA in Textile Insect Pest Control.  Having the knowledge allows us to successfully eradicate moths from homes.

Peace Of Mind

It is paramount that you feel absolutely comfortable when letting a stranger into your home - but rest assure, we are professional.

Being a member of the NCCA we abide by the association's code of practice.  These include fair pricing, liability and consumer protection - you're in safe hands.

Our Promise

We understand the stress carpet moths can cause.  Damaging carpets and clothes is not a pleasant experience - we understand you want results fast & ones that last!  Our knowledge combined with a choice of great products makes us Oxford's number one choice for carpet moth removal.

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