Let us bring your upholstery back to life

Can you remember how much you spent on your sofa?  Probably a lot!  Regular steam cleaning will condition the fabric of your sofa and give it the reliance for years to come.  Invite the Surroundings Team to blast all the nasties hidden deep into your sofa - restoring your sofa to its former beauty. 

Healthy Environment 

We use a hot water extraction machine to eliminate all of the harmful bacteria and mites.  Not only does it kill bacteria and mites it extracts it and contains it within the carpet cleaning machine and is disposed of directly to sewage mains.  Unlike a lot of budget machines, ours is able to inject the solution down to the underlay and with powerful vacuum motors, your carpets are dry with 2 hours

Peace Of Mind

It is paramount that you feel absolutely comfortable when letting a stranger into your home - but rest assure, we are professional.

Being a member of the NCCA we abide by the association's code of practice.  These include fair pricing, liability and consumer protection - you're in safe hands.

Cleaner For Longer

Unlike the majority of carpet cleaning companies in Oxford, we do not use shampoos.  Carpet shampoo has a tendency to leave a sticky residue, once cleaned they attracted dirt causing your carpet to soil quicker.  Instead, we use solutions that are PH neutral which completely rinse out of your carpet fibers, leaving nothing but clean fresh carpets.

The Benefits Of Having Surroundings Cleaning Your Carpets:

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