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Useful Cleaning Tips For Renters In Oxford

September 10, 2017


 As an established cleaning company in Oxford, working for a numbers of Oxford's most prestigious letting agencies, we have compiled information gathered over the years, which if put to use, could potentially drive down your cleaning costs for when it is time to vacate your rental property.



 Carpet & Upholstery


90% of soils on carpets are from people wearing shoes in the house. By simply taking off outside footwear and wearing indoor slippers or socks, your carpets will be 90% cleaner.  Regular vacuuming will prevent the build up of loose soils compacting upon and being pushed further and further into the carpet pile.  Lastly, if you have an accident, for example a drink spill, the quicker you act the greater the chance the drink spill will be successfully removed.  The first thing to do it reach for paper kitchen towels:  blot (do not rub) until the drink spill has stopped transferring onto the paper towel.  Some great tips for spills can be found here.  If the stain still persists